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New Year, New Goals

Resolutions are one of those things that we all try to do but never finish.
We make these declarations about learning a new skill or losing weight, or whatever we can think of in the moments before the ball drops and the celebrations are over.

In reality, the majority of us mess up before the weather gets warm and we throw those jackets right back in the closet.
So with that being said, its a new year here, but I have no resolutions, only long term goals.

My main focus throughout 2020 is taking the time to accomplish three of these goals:

1. Learning Python

2. Improving my knowledge of UI/UX

3. Attending Meetups


A while back in 2017, I told myself that I wanted to learn how to code in Python and while doing the 100DaysofCode Challenge,
I got sidetracked with improving my JavaScript skills, which did work out to some extent. In the end, I failed at my goal of learning Python and learning the many applications I can apply my knowledge to.

This time however I am recommitted and back on track to learn, with a little more help, of course, courtesy of Microsoft and its introduction course, which can be found on YouTube and on their main site (details at end of the post.).
By building a foundation, I hope to avoid tutorial hell and move on to topics such as scripting and data visualization.

Alt Text

Alt Text


If you been keeping up with me then you know I been making the transition from just focusing on front end web development and getting into specialization in User Interaction and User Exerperise design.

I personally feel that having a hybrid or multidisciplinary skillset would help me in the search for future opportunities. A while back I remember freecodecamp putting out an article about the hundreds of free online courses from some of the top universities in the world.

Little did I know that I would be reminded again thanks to an awesome twitter user @chrysking who made an amazing thread showing how she leveled up on her journey using one of the resources I am showing you.

As of today I signed up to Coursea and enrolled in the Human-Computer Interaction Design course offered by UC San Diego.

Alt Text


Part of growing as a developer or designer is putting yourself out there. Sometimes interacting in real life is just as important as building your online presence.

That's why I joined a few groups on Meetup and this year plan to attend events as regularly as I can, time permitting.

Protip: Joining smaller more niched communities works as well since it gives you a chance to get to know others just like you who are on their coding journey as opposed to being in larger ones where you can find yourself lost or drowned out by the sheer size. Head on to Meetup and find groups related to your interests near you!

As promised here are the links if you're curious about learning more:



Microsoft's Intro To Python

Python for Beginners

Hope this helps you, even if it is just a little bit and here's to a wonderful New Year ahead of us!

This post also appears on my blog as well, feel free to check it out!

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