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Before I begin creating a new react component. I first start off by drawing the UI on my yellow pad with mongol 3 pencil and then translate it into code using HTML & CSS. Therefore I can see the overview of what I'm trying to build hmmmm... maybe this is something like a blueprint to my component 🤔. Then I add the logic to that UI using state and stuff in React. Then I'm going to delete that new component file. Yeah delete it, uhhm hmm. You know why? I figure out that there is already an existing package from npm waiting to be install on my codebase.

saved my time. Yes!!

The lesson I've got from this is that I should never re-invent the wheel because the best code in your codebase is not your code it's other people's code and I'm going to value that by not re-inventing their wheel instead just reverse engineer it and learn from it and also maybe build something new out of it. As a result before I begin in doing things by myself. I must first need to know where to begin.


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