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Automated or manual testing. How to find the right balance?

Automated or manual testing. How to find the right balance?
We bet this is the question for which many of you would like to get a clear answer. The right balance between automated and manual testing is also one of the main challenges a team faces at different stages of the SDLC.

So, when is it better to use automated testing?

  • For regression testing, when the repeated execution of the task is required.
  • For functional testing during swift and frequent code changes.
  • For performance testing to simulate a huge number of concurrent users.
  • For load testing to evaluate the load efficiency.
  • For stable features or product builds.

It's better to apply manual testing if you want to:

  • Check the usability and evaluate how user-friendly and convenient the solution is.
  • Run ad-hoc testing without a scenario and study the application as an ordinary user.
  • Perform exploratory testing relying on the tester’s experience and intuition.
  • Start short-term projects.
  • Gain full control and flexibility of how to execute single tests.

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Patrick Charles Höfer

This looks like cheap advertisment somehow