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🔥 JSF (JavaServer Faces) 2.0: The Story Book

JSF stands for Java ServerFaces and this story book will explain the most important parts of this Java EE framework.


  • Working with the JSF Security web project
  • Using the JSF Security web project without JAAS Roles
  • Using secured managed beans with JSF Security
  • Using Acegi/Spring security in JSF web applications

The most of the JSF experts could usually say that secure the structure of web applications based on JSF will one of the most important aspects and problem to resolve in order to avoid malicious attacks, SQL injections and build a successful and more expensive final product for the end users.

In this section, you will see a series of four recipes for increasing the security of your JSF web applications. You will see how to use the JSF Security project, how to manage JAAS roles and the JSF Security layer, and how to use Acegi/Spring security for writing a login screen for the application.

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