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🛠 WildFly Application Server: The Story Book

The best recipes to configure, deploy, and manage Java-based applications using WildFly application server.

Key Features

  • Manage your systems efficiently with the latest WildFly application server features.
  • Administer your WildFly environment with powerful tool such as CLI capabilities.
  • Develop balanced and clustered systems with Apache httpd, WildFly and ModCluster.

WildFly e-Learning

  • Run WildFly in standalone and domain operational modes.
  • Choose the right profile for your web applications.
  • Configure your WildFly instances with the Admin web console.
  • Manage the CLI tool to deploy, configure, start and stop services.
  • Deploy your web application to the cloud service provider with OpenShift online.
  • Use Linux containers with Docker to ship your clean, tested, and ready-to-use WildFly environment.
  • Assemble TCP or UDP (protocols) WildFly clusters.

Welcome to WildFly world

A wild fly is extremely agile, lightweight, untamed and truly free.

Software prerequisites

WildFly application server runs on top of the Java platform. It needs at least JRE (Java Runtime Environment) as first option. In order to, make a compile and build Java web applications, we need JDK (Java Development Kit), that provides required tools to work with Java source code. It is recommended to use Oracle JDK, but the developers also can use OpenJDK for Linux or IBM Java SDK.

There is an option that we need to build the project with Apache Maven that can be downloaded from official website:

Downloading and installing WildFly

You can download WildFly application server from the following website: You choose the version and release date of your preference. It is recommended sometimes that Beta versions are not the stable ones as always on many software systems and applications.

Understanding WildFly's directories

WildFly's folders are stored in the filesystem. The folder names are outlined in the following table:

Folder name Description
appclient Configuration files, deployment content, and writable areas used by the application client container run from this installation.
bin Start up scripts, start up configuration files, and various command line utilities like add-user, and Java diagnostic report available for Unix and Windows environments.
bin/client Contains a client jar for use by non-maven based clients.
docs/schema XML schema definition files.
docs/examples/configs Example configuration files representing specific use cases.
domain Configuration files, deployment content, and writable areas used by the domain mode processes run from this installation.
modules WildFly is based on a modular class loading architecture. The various modules used in the server are stored here.
standalone Configuration files, deployment content, and writable areas used by the single standalone server run from this installation.
welcome-content Default Welcome Page content.

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