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Show DEV: Introducing tslib-cli : maximum overkill for typescript and javascript library authors

Aloha community 👋

I want to introduce tslib-cli to awesome community!! It's not exactly a brand new effort, but I wanted to have a stable tool before introducing it here.

Here is a TL;DR version of what tslib-cli attempts to provide:

  • OcJS - Rollup + Jest + Typescript + TSLint + Prettier
  • Best Practices setup for build, format, lint and publish workflows
  • Save Hours setting up tooling to release a library to NPM.

Considering best practices might differ for teams, tslib-cli also provide an eject command. Read more about eject here.

By now, tslib-cli powers a lot of internal libraries at my $work and some of the OSS projects I've recently started.

🔗 Project Documentation

🔗 Github Repo

Feel free to 🌟 the github repo. Give it a try next time you want to publish a package to NPM

Also, feel free to follow me on twitter for future updates.

Don't forget to be Awesome !!

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