re: 📈 I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable) VIEW POST

re: I've got one too, It's a little on the minimal side of things though Covid-19 Counter

Great work! Would love to share mine too, coronavirus-epidemic.com
(Should be pandemic though! ) You can also read about it here coronavirus-covid-19-dashboard-wit...


This is so beautiful! Nice work!


nice job! can you add a filter by continent? it's interesting expose the worst country of the continent by fatalities rate.

Thank you & this is a great idea :) !

You can get a more detailed view of corona here if you like: bing.com/covid

Can you tell if there's a free API to use with that?

Theres a json with all the informations inside - bing.com/covid/data
So you should be able to consume that data.
I don't know which restrictions exists.

Though this app (bing.com/covid) is UX/UI-friendly, data are outdated. Take caution when using it. At the moment I am writing this, The global situation is 1,503,900 confirmed from here but from their site.
Another test, the situation in the DRC is 207 from this other source but 180 from our beautiful bing.com.


This is cool. What tools did you use to create this?

For backend I used TypeScript + Node.js, and for the frontend I used HTML, CSS, jQuery and lots of jQuery Plugins & Widgets


great work.

I have some questions

  • How did you get all those list of countries with the flag icons? did the icons come along with the api?
  • As i see it, it defaults the the viewer's country, how did you do that?
  • How do you sync the results in the background?


Hey @chan_austria777 ! Thank you for the feedback :) I created a post of my own with all the details - feel free to check it - coronavirus-covid-19-dashboard-wit...


Looks really pretty.
With Brave Browser the site didn't come up.
It works with Chrome instead.


I will definitely try on BB which i'm less familiar with.
Thank you for your comment!

I just tested it on BB, looks like its blocking for some security tracking reason (analytics/api) or because the name of the domain includes the word virus.. You can also check this link instead.

Thanks for your reply and the alternate link.

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