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Pandiyan Murugan
Pandiyan Murugan

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Do you use any time management tool?

I use the Pomodoro technique as my time management technique. And I use a few tools to track the time.
What are the tools or techniques you use?

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Pomodoro is great !
I love visual feedback over the time, long-time (like the contribution board/green cases on Github) so I've an matrix on my wall with articles/books chapter I have read, tutorial or projects I made, blog post I have written or translated etc. I can easily see if my week was productive (or if I work too much). And If I'm tired of doing CSS, I can easily see my other current project, change my task and having fun with Arduino. This is just a sheet of paper, not an application, because sometimes all electronic is turned off :).

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vincent muthabuku

I use Toggl for time tracking and waka time for code productivity, but I will try out Pomodoro

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Malcolm R. Kente

Same here! I switch between pomodoro and 52/17 depending on the week :)

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Time tracking or management? I use Toggl for time tracking.

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Devin Green

I use Sunsama