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[Public Beta] Meercode, a beautiful dashboard and monitoring tool for Github Actions.

The Product

Meercode is a dashboard and monitoring tool for your Github Actions workflows. It lets you visualize the status of running and completed builds, on a clean and beautiful UI. The project started as an internal tool and turned out to be a SaaS product.

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Our Motivation

Github Actions is the powerful CI/CD and automation solution from Github. It is simple, flexible, and affordable. Right after it’s launch, it has become the go-to automation tool for our development team.

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As the number of managed repositories and workflows grew rapidly, we needed a solution to monitor the status of workflow runs. Unfortunately, no built-in tools or existing solutions provided us the results we expected. So we decided to develop our own plug-in.

The funny name and logo derive from Meerkats, animals famous for their upright postures to watch their environment.

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The Challenge

Github exposes a comprehensive API for the Actions product. Our initial version of Meercode started as a React front-end directly consuming this endpoint. On the next iteration, we started to develop our backend service to increase the performance, avoiding the rate-limits of Github API’s and provide customization options to users.

As we decided to share our work with the world as a product, we started with a total redesign of the UI using neumorphistic components. We added critical features like publicly shareable dashboards and responsive layout supporting big office TV’s.

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Public Beta

At this stage of product development, we wanted to start a public beta program to let you join our journey and get the most valuable feedback from the DevOps and developers community.
Public beta users will be rewarded with 3-month premium plans, allowing you to get the full experience of the product.

Getting started

Visit to signup with your Github account and start adding your repositories and watching your workflows. We greatly appreciate your feedback including bug reports, feature requests, and product ideas. To contact us, you may use the feedback form on the "dashboard" page or leave a comment below.

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