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Paul D. Paradis

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Assembly language learning series- intro post

My name is Paul D. Paradis. I have been teaching myself to program, first with C++, and recently with Python. Lately I have determined that I want to dive deeply inside computers in general and so I have decided to learn Assembly language programming. That determination transpired in my mind around the time that I discovered this online community, so I have decided to blog about my experiences.

So consider this my introduction. I am currently working on my first real post. I plan to post as I learn, so my progress may be a little slow. First I plan on discussing general computer science principles, and after establishing the underlying theory, I will be moving into the actual process of learning to program, posting my attempts and results as they transpire. Please feel free to give feedback.

I hope that you'll derive as much benefit from this experience as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Be on the lookout for the first substantive posting to appear soon. Thanks again for any and all interest.

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