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I Suck At Whiteboard Interviews

Paul Leclercq on July 07, 2017

Also published on Medium Nowadays my main objective is to find my dream job, why? Simply because I am young, don’t have any kids, don’t have any... [Read Full]
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I only need to find palindromes every 2 or 3 years (when I change jobs), never have to deal with that kind of pointless problem on my every day as a developer. There is nothing that I hate more than a whiteboard test. They are extremely frustrating and pointless. Can we review public PRs on GitHub instead? Please!


Oh man. The interview process is grueling, especially all-day interviews. It's heartbreaking spending so much time preparing and going through the hoops to have this outcome.

I honestly hope white board interviews die a fiery death. They are a poisonous practice to interviewers.
But honestly you're not alone. I have anxiety and when I'm asked to step in front of a white board, in front of strangers who know nothing about me, for them to silently judge me, I shut down mentally and physically and might as well walk out at that point. lol. Keep your head up, and keep practicing. Thanks for sharing your story, it will help others. :)


I'm so glad our whole team basically agreed on the uselessness of whiteboard interviews. I'm pretty proud of our interview process, @jess .


Oh lawd, this is so tough! Thanks for your article and telling us about the experience. It helps us career switchers know what to possibly expect, even if we think all goes well. Good luck with your searching!!


Thanks for quoting me 😊

Thanks a lot for this post, I think this inside look at your experience will help a lot of other people who aren't sure what to expect with these kinds of on-site interviews (though every one is different)

So what now for you, are you lining up other jobs?


Ben, Thank you for creating this positive space that is, I call it the developers' bible when I talk about it in public

I've got an exciting job offer to work in... NYC actually! As I'm French, the only problem that I might encounter is the Visa, but the company is working on that to start next September.
Also, just in case something goes wrong, I am being interviewed right now by Shopify, yet plenty interviews to come! Yeah! haha


Awesome on all accounts! If everything works out, let's meet up when you get here. I speak French too. 😝

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