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re: CSS Grid Introduction
As a heads up, you should use gap instead of grid-gap. Nice p...
re: CX Style did'nt work for css in react js
Hey I love to help but little confused on what you're askin...
re: Nail your interview by learning Closure (backpack analogy)!
Thanks very much Artem
re: I Passed The Google Technical Interviews; You Can Too.
Great read. Thanks for sharing.
re: Pass props to an Emotion component
114th follower and thanks very much for following
re: The :focus-within CSS pseudo-class
Ah, thanks very much Sebastián. I add it to the article.
re: Create a cool typing animation for your portfolio
Ah cool. Definitely looks better than Courier
re: Using Codepen for more than CSS art
Great post. Also a big fan of Codepen
re: Why do you write on DEV?
For me it's definitely about learning something then explai...
re: 🚀⚙️ JavaScript Visualized: the JavaScript Engine
Wow! This is really cool. I did a talk on this subject bef...
re: A Couple of Nomad Makers: finding friends and side project profits
Absolutely great read! Loved the first article too! Keep ki...
re: Animations with the Emotion library
If you were to define it in the CSS it wouldn't be reusable...
re: Up & Running with JEST
Yeah I see your point, and you can change it but I personal...
re: Animations with the Emotion library
Renamed, I ask the guys in work and they thought the same a...
re: Animations with the Emotion library
haha that's fair enough
re: Up & Running with JEST
Also updated the repo with all the tests included so you ca...
re: Up & Running with JEST
Sorry guys, accidentally deleted all the CSS on this one wh...
re: React Hooks & Greensock
hey sorry Billy I got no notification for this comment? You...
re: From Flight Attendant to Software Developer
Wow, great read. Thanks for sharing
re: Nevertheless, Ali Coded
Holy shit! Really shouldn't have to put up with that
re: Simple CSS Transitions in 2020
Fully agree, there is no need to import big animation libra...