Analysis of comment frequency over the lifetime of a post

Peter Kim Frank on August 17, 2018

What / Why I wanted to take a high-level look at when DEV comments are created relative to the thread they're posted on. DEV members encounter ... [Read Full]
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Yaaas! I've been dreaming of the day I can do data analysis on the data :) Also, what's up with the weird bump of comments on day 16? Maybe that's the average amount of days it takes before a post is tweeted out by the Twitter account.



Yeah that is funny. This isn’t the largest data set in the world, could be affected by one big outlier.


In the future I imagine we'll probably be able to open source anonymized data sets to go along with the code, so the whole community can play around like this.


This is a very good idea : )
Can't wait for that to happen.
I would really get into that project but I should probably first get closer to the existing API so to the said data.

@pkfrank I would love to know the technicals details you've been through in steps 1 & 2 grabbing data or any ressource you started with should be enough though. Awesome initiative BTW. It was fun to discover πŸ‘

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