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Andres Larrotta
Andres Larrotta

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Celebrating the new.

2017 gave me many experiences like in my feelings, professional and working.
I lived challenges where the people around me showed me like make things another form, I saw other perspectives and built my personality.
Is incredible like all in one instant change your life, change yourself and your goals but all in your life is an experience.
In the professional topic, the most interesting is like studying make me a better person, Like an engineer, I can propose better solutions and faster.
Nos my ambient work now is awesome my partners and my boss are the other planet, it is the demonstration that all is possible with work and determination.
and de last one but didn't less important my family... my family always being next to me.
The energy that you can feel in this year is great, comes with many things in special in yourself goals, This blog is more less as daily personal, but I hope to write more times and share with them.
thanks for reading and comment.
See you later.

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