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The Famous Misconceptions in Angular

I am really pleased to meet an article that does angular it's...

it's too big on a big screen. Box the layout with margins

Convert px to rem - An effective workflow


What makes React JS so popular?

You compare react with angular, fine but please, it's angular...

Which is the best IDE for JavaScript development in 2021?

search & navigation are the winners for me. I never spent...

Which is the best IDE for JavaScript development in 2021?

Using anything less that webstorm/rider means losing time. I ...

Angular : How to use *ngIf else? [Including NgIf, ngIfThen and ngIfElse with Live Demo]

Form with storing the value locally Didn't know about that. M...

Git-flow, non-technical intro.

The first step is to understand what problem gitflow is tryin...

Git-flow, non-technical intro.

we have been using gitflow in my small team for the past 5 ye...

Why React is winning over Angular?

Angular is harder to learn. For big apps I think angular shin...

JavaScript Interview Question #38: Can you add multiple arrays in JavaScript?

this doesn't work on arrays of objects right?

Why I chose Angular πŸ”§

Been working with angular for 4 years, I love it. I'm super p...

3 reasons to NOT use CSS Frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize

weak points and lazy article

Why is map called map?

Idk map looks like the most appropriate name for me. It was...

What's one resource most devs don't know that you use regularly? css-...

What's one resource most devs don't know that you use regularly?

great res

Why I prefer rem over em

rem is great, using it everywhere

In 2020, dark or light should be the default theme?

I would love for windows to change it basing on the sun pos...

How many programming languages do you know?

Typescript, Kotlin, C#, Java, SQL

Build dynamic Angular forms on-the-fly

Very similar approach to my usual solution. Nice work

What's Your Fav. Dev Laptop? Why?

huawei matebook x pro perfect

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» DevToolList #2019 πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» - [Win10]

Visual studio editing experience has still a lot to learn f...

Do you use a mechanical keyboard for coding? Show me your setup!

Keychron K2 in the office, fantastic and way better than my...

Spotify uses Svelte, do you?

So there is no HTML output?

GitHub Projects or Trello? What is your thing?

Trello 4e