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A Letter You Can Send to Your Manager to Adopt Prisma at Work

Want to use Prisma at work? We've made it easier for you to ask your manager to adopt Prisma for your projects! Here's a letter you can copy/paste.

Dear Manager,

The team has been working hard on improving our product and shipping new features, however, we'd like to increase our productivity even more while maintaining great code quality.

The current state of our tooling is okay, but we would like to take it to the next level. One way to do that is to adopt Prisma. It is a next-generation ORM that offers an amazing development experience.

Prisma will make our code easier to reason about since it has an intuitive API with features like CRUD, pagination, and filtering built-in.

It also offers great auto-completion so we'll be making fewer errors while building new features, and we can ship with confidence.

The great thing about Prisma is that it solves one problem and it solves it really well: providing a simple data access layer for our database inside a Node.js or TypeScript environment.

Prisma is also framework and API agnostic, so we can easily integrate it within our stack and inside any architecture.

Here's what some of the biggest companies are saying about Prisma:

  • "Next.js and Prisma is the ultimate combo if you need a database in React apps! Depending on your needs, you can query your database with Prisma in Next.js API routes, in getServerSideProps or in getStaticProps for full rendering flexibility and top performance 🚀 " - Guillermo Rauch - CEO & Founder of Vercel

  • "So happy we chose Prisma Client and Migrate for Redwood.js. Finally we have something akin to Rails' ActiveRecord but for JavaScript & the future of JAMstack apps!" - Tom Preston-Werner - GitHub Co-Founder

  • "Prisma provides an excellent modeling language for defining your database, as well as a powerful ORM for working with SQL in JavaScript & TypeScript. It’s the perfect match to Apollo Server and makes building GraphQL APIs with a database feel delightful." - Kurt Kemple - DevRel Manager of Apollo

Prisma also has a dedicated team for providing support on GitHub and a huge Slack community of 40,000+ developers where we can ask questions.

It currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite, so we can incrementally adopt it in our backend.

In case you have any questions, please let us know, we'd love to discuss it. To get things started, check out what is Prisma, to gain a better understanding of how it works and why it would be an upgrade for us. We can also incrementally adopt it in our project and the migration is low-risk so it is definitely worth trying. For more information, check out the should you use Prisma page


– The team

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