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Front end React UI with oracle database

Hello Devs, Am learning React and wanted to create a simple Front end application with oracle db and fetch some query results to display. Please advise any reference projects on github or pointers on this.

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You'll need to have some sort of backend to query the frontend-requested data from the Oracle database. It's NOT common or good practice to query data directly from the frontend.

Although it's not an example with Oracle, maybe you should have a look at this tutorial:

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Thanks Christian. Ideally i have the requirement to use Java Spring JPA as backend. But i am looking for ways to demo to a client without actual implementation. One alternative in my mind is to create some json files and utilising them in the frontend UI. Do you have any suggestions?

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creating a json file is brilliant idea. it depends on what data you're gonna use in your project, it can be an object or an array, you can also use, useStates, or useContext (to store and share all sample datas in all your components).

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