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Creating a Repository on Git Hub

As a codenewbie, i was recently assigned with a project that needed to be submitted on GitHub. I resorted to reading up on the process of creating a Repository and everything Open Source and I found it pretty interesting. So, I would like to share everything I've learnt and I'm learning (I hope I can).

So firstly we would be Creating a Repository and as we journey, we'll talk about Open Source and everything in between.

Step 1: The New Repository

In the upper-right corner of any page, use the drop-down menu, and select New repository, you could also choose other options depending on the most appealing.

Step 1. Click on the plus sign

Step 2: The Naming

GitHub would sometimes suggest witty titles, you could use them or not use them. Here is a guide to Naming a Repo

You could add a Public tag unless you have a reason to put it in private.

Also attaching a ReadMe file since a ReadMe file is like a "tell it file."

Basically, if you want your reader or user to understand the codes etc, Attach a ReadMe file.

Name your Repository

After which you create a Repository.

Create a Repository

Step 3: The files

You could select the create new file but when you have your codes on your desktop, you use the upload files method or copy and paste 🤔.

Adding files

Drag or Choose

We could either choose them from our PC or drag them over to the browser

Select your file

When you select choose your files, the files on your desktop comes on definitely pop up.

Step 4: The Commit

Commit Messages

And after your selection you can commit changes. Since this is a change after the creation of a repository. a file upload change😊one more river😋

The Final Step


Step 5: y'all is my congratulatory message😋

as we can see we have fed our files to our Repository and that's that for that.

😶it would be so nice to present our opening art but we did not gather money to call...{insert artiste name} so we'll be taking our break by digesting programming memes. Thank you for reading✌🏽

A meme about Hello World

Tackling problems

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