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My first PR... I feel really dumb now

So recently I was working on a personal project. And I was using code mirror as dependency in it and I came across a small css bug related to cursor in vim mode. So I did a natural thing and opened a issue, fixed the bug and committed changes.

Before getting any further I want to remind you that this is my first pr and I have never contributed to any opensource project before.

So after I pushed changes I made a pull request and added somewhat okay description. I was happily glaring at the description I added and felt really happy to have made my first pr. And then I noticed the changes I made. I made 153 changes. In all hurry I went to see the changes I made and realize that stupid vscode auto formatted everything in css. And therefore all the css files I changed had extra lines. Well so instead of reverting changes I made a edit in comment (very professional of me) about formatting. And just waited for the maintainer to reply. Maintainer replies after an hour or so. He says no he cannot commit.

Yay there goes my dream to get in netflix. Anyway that was a silly mistake I made. And just to clear I reverted the changes asap and now I am waiting for the maintainer to see and reply. Will edit the article if anything else happens. I really feel dumb. But hey that was a new experience anyway. I will have fun story to tell people future. :|

Edit : My PR was merged by author

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Gerrit Weiermann

You are not alone :)

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Pratham Sharma Author

Thanks man that is assuring :)