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Sublime Merge Keymap

Wanted to share a useful Sublime Merge config. You can create your own key mappings to perform various tasks. One of my frequently-used tasks is to git fetch --all --prune to bring my local box up-to-date with the various work of others. So I created a key mapping so I can do a Shift + ⌘ + r (think force refresh from the browser) inside Sublime Merge to do just that.

To do this, select the Edit Key Bindings... menu option under the Sublime Merge / Preferences menu:

Screenshot showing the menu option

And this is what my keymap looks like:

    "keys": ["shift+command+r"],
    "command": "git",
    "args": {"argv": ["fetch", "--all", "--prune"]}
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This is Mac-specific, but you could do the same with control vs. command for Windows/Linux.

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