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Rafael Romero
Rafael Romero

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Which terminal do you use?

Ok so I'm used to use the windows command prompt to do almost anything in my laptop, and git Bash for git related stuff, after seeing hyper and zsh on some posts and videos, it sparked my curiosity, maybe I need to level up my terminal game.

So, I ask you people of, which one is your favorite terminal and why, how do you configure yours to be your master shell? 👀

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Abdur Rehman Khalid

I am same as you a Windows User But I have Used the Ubuntu Command Line as well so I have experienced with it as well.

I installed ubuntu a couple of times but it takes time to get the things up so I switched back to windows and one more thing that is Ubuntu can be very helpful regarding to the server side working but remember that also that you can do that work with git bash in windows too. So stay happy you can do same work in the windows as well.

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Rafael Romero Author

I see, a friend of mine recommended the ubuntu bash as well, might give it a try. I don't personally like the way git bash looks and feels, that's why I started to look to a more customizable terminal

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Jonathan Kuhl

So far on my mac I've just used the terminal. I downloaded zsh and instead of an installer, found a bunch of files and an obscure readme that didn't say much about how to put it together. Didn't really feel like looking for a guide so I kept with the terminal since it did what I wanted anyways.

Recently though I needed to do some dev on my windows machine, because I was in a .NET class and there's a lot of .NET stuff my mac can't do. Getting git to work involved downloading gitbash and I might use that on my Mac. It's pretty with all the colors.

Tried hyper but it kept giving me strange JavaScript/Electron errors.

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