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How to make a VM instance in GCP

Hi Guys today we are gonna see How to create a VM instance in GCP(Google cloud platform)


  1. Having a google cloud account

Getting started

There are tow method to create a vm instance

Creating from a custom image(OS)

Google cloud console
Go to Google cloud console
Google cloud console
Then click on that 3 dots in the leftend top and click on compute engine then vm instances
Google cloud vm instance
This will take you to a page like this(the above picture) and then wait for it to load then click on create
Vm instace
vm instance
Then click on create and your VM instace will be created!!!
it may take a minute to create the server(vm instance)
Vm instance

Creating a image via a prebuilt image

Google cloud console
Go to Google cloud console
Then click market place

GCP marketplce
As you can see this is the GCP market place there are a varitey of os/images/cmswhile some cost and some are free

Open litespeed Wordpress
I am gonna choose openlitespeed-wordpress and click deploy
Choose the setting you like and click create
As you can see guys our VM machine has been created


In this post we have coverd how to Create a VM instace in GCP(google cloud platform) hope you liked it if you have any question just comment below!!!

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