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Distributed Testing in JMeter

Open file from /bin folder. In the Remote Hots, give the IP address of all slave systems you want to connect to for Load testing.

Alt Text

Once you have added remote system’s ip in goto next step.

Step 2 : run keystore - crete-rmi-keystore.bat file from /bin folder. Enter
name : rmi
password : changeit

Step 3 : run jmeter-server file on slave (remote) system

Step 4 : Run and Validate the test.


  • all systems (master and slaves) have same ver of JMeter
  • all systems have java (preferably same ver)
  • all systems can connect to each other (are in same subnet)
  • no need to copy jmeter script (jmx) to slave systems
  • If you want to have 100 users and using 2 slaves. Give no as 50

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