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JMeter integration with Selenium using WebDriver sampler

Step 1:
Add plugin Selenium/WebDriver Support in JMeter.

Alt Text

Step 2: Create a test plan - add thread group
Add Config Element - jp@gc - Chrome Driver Config Sampler - jp@gc - Web Driver Sampler and Listener - View Results Tree.

Alt Text

Step 3: Download chromedriver.exe and provide the location in Chrome Driver Config as in above screenshot.e.g. -D:\Desktop\drivers\chromedriver.exe

Step 4 : Add scripts in Web Driver Sampler
var searchBox = WDS.browser.findElement("q"));;

Alt Text

Step 5 : Run & Validate

Alt Text


  1. WebDriver Sampler automates the execution and collection of Performance metrics on the Browser (client-side).
  2. While using WebDriver sampler each thread will have a single browser instance and each browser consumes significant amount of resources.

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