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PHP programmer, Love riding my bike.

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PHP crash course : Array manipulation

Always remember ; at the end of lines. Its a nice course, but...

PHP crash course : Conditionals, Loops and Functions

the if statement, checking if a string is valid, should alway...

Benefits of freelancing

I have been working as a full time freelancer for the last 6+...

My Most Used Git Commands

git add --all = git add .

My new RaspberryPI

I have hadan old outdated Macmini used as a git (gitea) ser...

How to Set Up a Mac for Web Development

Why do you suggest Chrome is good enough if you're new? Un...

My favorite CLI tools

Must check the fish shell, have any cool links to check?

A keep it simple flex based css

Have fixed the issue, links have been fixed.

My favorite CLI tools

Those tools also works for other OS'es

How old have you been when you started programming and what was your first project?

1985 commodore 64 and some pascal, and later assembler

GitLab Vs Github why would chose one over other

I Use gitlab for almost everything, only github if my custo...

Git workflow and my new love of Git alias

heres mine and gi...

my zsh setup

Thank you, it's fixed.

my zsh setup

Woops, because it have been moved to

Teaching Git Some New Tricks

typo: git log --online should be git log --oneline

What's your tech stack?

Mainly websites built with Drupal 7/8 - with gulp/yarn/sass...

Beginner's guide to SASS

Wrong in the "Nesting" part. .container { .... .par...

What is the best terminal setup

iterm2, zsh, antibody, pure - look at

How do you back up your data?

github for .dotfiles public repo github for sourcecode publ...

Can I see your terminal?

iterm2, neovim, zsh, pure, hack font ... look at my github....

Where do you keep your code?

I have all my projects in /var/www/CUSTOMER/PROJECT And my...

What's your dev machine setup? (hardware, OS, accessories, etc.)

Using a early-2015 MBP with 16 gb ram. Connected to a DELL ...

Welcome Thread - v5

Hi there, I'm Hasse from copenhagen, full time PHP develope...