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Codeless Automated Testing for Mobile Apps

iphone endtest

Let's be honest, automating tests for Mobile Apps is not easy.

Learning to code tests with Calabash or Appium can take some time and you might run into some blockers.

I strongly believe that the objective of a tester should be to come up with funky scenarios, not to write code.

Today, I'm going to show you how to use a codeless alternative.

This platform allows you to create, manage and run automated tests without writing any code.

It’s mostly free to use and they’ve got some really nice features, such as:
• Cross-browser grid, running on Windows and macOS machines
• Codeless Editor for Automated Tests
• Support for Web Applications
• Support for both native and hybrid Android and iOS apps
• Unlimited Video Recordings for your test runs
• Screenshot Comparison
• Geolocation
• If Statements
• Upload files in your tests
• An API, for easy integration with your CI/CD system
• Advanced Assertions
• Mobile Tests on real mobile devices

Let’s get started. Just head on down to Endtest.

First of all, to use this platform, you need to sign up (don’t worry, it’s FREE).

After you sign up, you can see that you already have some sample test suites.

endtest mobile tests

You can create your own tests by using their codeless editor:
endtest mobile actions

In order to locate the elements, you can choose from several locator types:
endtest locate element

As you can see, we have a ton of actions. We even have actions for dealing with contexts, useful when dealing with Hybrid Mobile Apps:

endtest advanced actions

Because the tests can run on real mobile devices, we can connect Endtest with BrowserStack, SauceLabs and AWS DeviceFarm.

Let's connect Endtest with BrowserStack.

endtest browserstack integration

All you have to do is go to the Settings page and add your BrowserStack Username and Access Key, which you can get from the App Automate page from BrowserStack.

browserstack app automate

If you don't have an account on BrowserStack, just sign up for a Free Trial, you'll get 100 minutes of App Automate.

Alright, now that we have connected Endtest with BrowserStack, we can finally run the Wikipedia Android - Demo Test Suite.

endtest run android test

After clicking on the Run button, we're redirected to the Results section:

endtest results

After the test is finished, we get detailed results and we can see the screenshots and the video recording.

Pretty awesome, right?

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Gaston Tonga Pisacco

I was on the free plan, they deleted my tests and send me an email saying that in order to recover them I've to subscribe to the Pro version, when I mail them , they told me it was due to usage limits (not stated in the pricing page). And finally they just tell me they have the right to refuse service. Be careful.