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GitHub Codespaces: Developing and testing React Native apps just with Expo and Codespaces

Nice example of Codespaces!

MobX State Tree (MST) - State Management

It would be interesting to share some mobx state tree store a...

How to: mobx-state-tree + react + typescript

It is actually the same :)

4 podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs

I listen mainly to the Indie Hacker Podcast [1] [1] indiehac...

Normalize your React Query data with MobX State Tree

Thanks for the write up. Am wondering about the exact downsid...

Using cross tools with Expo Web and Native

Thanks for the tips! Great to see multi-platform solutions go...

How to write regex in natural language

Very interesting take on making regex easier to read and shar...

Are you using WiFi or Ethernet right now?

My desktop is wired to the network but everything else I have...

Best of the best - React Native UI libraries

Thanks for sharing!

Theia 1.0 - Finally a Good Browser IDE


Theia 1.0 - Finally a Good Browser IDE

In GitPod Theia is really pleasant to use. Looking forward ...

How to modify config of Create React App - without Ejecting!

Thanks for the tip!

How to install Flutter on macOS using homebrew and asdf

How much do you like your flutter experience so far? I'd be...

Why and how you should migrate from Visual Studio Code to VSCodium

The main reason for doing that switch is ethical. But there...

How I Built a Markdown Editor Earning $1300/mo Profit — Inkdrop

The paper mention "last year (2016)", is the post that old ...

New JavaScript features coming in 2020 that will surely rock your world!!

Thanks for sharing the good news!

Hacking PouchDB to Use It on React Native

Replication does work, but not attachment.

⏰ Svelte Crash Course (in 10 pics!)

Very nice visuals! That help a lot to grasp the concept you e...

Creating a simple queue messaging application over HTTP using NodeJs

Great post, thanks for sharing!

Divjoy: Create React App on 💪 Steroids💉

You can use the amazing Ignite boilerplate :

Hacking PouchDB to Use It on React Native

Thanks, wanted to mention the same. You're right, except th...

Real time + Postgres = ?

Nice, thanks for sharing. Did not know this library.

Manage your blog posts from a GIT repo and use continuous deployment to auto publish/update them

Nice, thanks for sharing!

The Challenges of Building Own MacOS App

Did you see the news about Flutter :

The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

Yes, curiosity++!

Did you know that Oracle owns the trademark to Javascript?

Wow, what a surprise, didn’t know this!

Any NoSQL true believers out there?

Am using CouchDB for a project and, franquly, I like it. Ha...

How to Improve Your Development Experience

Nice screen setup! Thanks for sharing!