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Announcing our new Gatsby Workshop

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We’re pumped to announce our first Gatsby workshop on the 12th of May at ReactEurope that will be given by the good folks from the Gatsby team itself including Madalyn Parker and Josh Comeau.

Gatsby is a very versatile tool that allows you to do many things with it to display and manage your content but also build actual dynamic apps so we are very excited about the outline we came up with that will enable you to build powerful apps with it:

  • Getting started with Gatsby
  • CSS and layout
  • Querying data with GraphQL, working with CMS’ like Contentful or Wordpress
  • Routing, creating pages programmatically
  • Accessibility
  • Animations and interactions
  • Authentication, having protected routes
  • Leveraging the Gatsby Ecosystem with starters, plugins, and themes
  • Deployment and profiling

We’ll refine the outline with time but this should give you a good idea already.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

We also have 5 other workshops on React.js, Next.js, Forms, GraphQL, React Native and more.

Cheers and see you soon,

-the ReactEurope team

PS: if you would like to sponsor the conference, get in touch with us at

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