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All ReactEurope 2020 are now available online!

That's it for this edition! You can check every single talk already on this youtube playlist and binge on them this weekend!

Thanks to everyone involved and make sure to check out all the cool projects including:

Thanks to all the speakers and instructors, make sure to follow them: Devon Govett, David McCabe, Ives van Hoorne, Tim Neutkens, Nader Dabit, Erik Rasmussen, Joshua Comeau, Michel Weststrate, Sanket Sahu, Lukonde Mwila, Tadeu Zagallo, Nicolas Dubien, Paul Henschel, John Adetutu, Richard Threlkeld, Alex Holachek, Evan Bacon, Siddhartha (Sid) Chattopadhyay, Christopher Chedeau, Brandon Bayer, Eric Samson, Eric S Bishard, Olivier Tassinari, Sebastien Lorber, Sibelius Seraphini, Eric Vicenti, Nik Graf, Wolfgang Goedel, Jon Samp and more!

Thanks again to all our speakers and sponsors and all involved, stay safe and have fun!

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