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Announcing the ReactEurope Remote Hackathon 2020

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We're super excited to announce the ReactEurope Remote Hackathon 2020.

Because it is remote, we will be able to run it for a few days to let you write quality projects.

It will start on Sunday 17th May at 11am until Wednesday 20th 6pm Paris time (UTC+2).

Each participant will need to:

  • Register here
  • You can form teams of up to 3 or do it on your own
  • Create a react app that makes use of KendoUI or AWS Amplify (or both)
  • Create a repository on github
  • Provide a public a url to check a live demo
  • Send us the public url and repository url on a google form
  • that's it! You can start coding right away! Nothing else needed.
  • The winner will demo at 6pm on the 20th of May on our Youtube channel on the 20th

We will pick a few finalists that will demo on our youtube channel and get a chance to win a free ticket for next year conference as well as a few extra prize from our sponsors Progress and AWS Amplify.

Please join our #hackathon channel on discord to participate!

The good folks from Progress Kendo React will be there to answer your questions.

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