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How to ask for training approval from your boss

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If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that developers work in an environment that moves exceptionally fast. There’s only one way to keep up to speed with current developments and that’s to take up as much additional training as you can. Understanding that reality is the easy part. Finding a way to ask your boss to approve your training budget is another thing entirely. Here are some top tips to help you write a letter to ask your boss for tech training approval.

Build Your Case for Tech Training with Research

You know that you need additional training so your organisation stays competitive, but first things first: do your research to find out what will benefit your company the most. Here’s a source that could support you in your resesarch for React Js training:


Start by shoring up your knowledge about current technology trends and future predictions. You need to know where the market is going in order to select the best training opportunity for you and your company.

Then, identify the best training opportunities in emerging or developing technology areas. Note cost, curriculum content, duration and the main business applications the training will provide.

Follow this up by looking at the alternatives to tech training. What impact would no additional training have on your company? Are there alternatives to training? Make a robust case for training by gathering evidence that proves your boss can’t afford to not invest in your training.

But you shouldn’t leave your boss out in the cold. Next, start researching how your tech training can benefit your boss as well. Look at the ROI benefits your company will see if it adopts a new technology or improves its current tech abilities. You want to make your case appear as irresistible as possible and this is the way to do it.

Finally, gather evidence that proves an investment in you is worth the upfront cost. Quite often, management and HR will commit training resources to those individuals who are already performing well to make their best assets even better. By collecting commendations from colleagues and clients for your work on past projects, you can show to your boss that you’ll bring extra value to your company.

  • Research current and future technology trends
  • Identify the best training opportunities in your chosen field
  • Look at alternatives to tech training to rule them out
  • Prove the ROI training will have to help your boss help you
  • Collect positive feedback on your previous work to show investment in you is well-placed

Create Your Email Pitch

Make sure to collect your research together to form a coherent argument as to why tech training is best for your company. Email your request first and then you can negotiate it in person.

Highlight the need for training quickly, but towards the end of your email list the benefits training will bring to bolster your case. Also, give your boss options. Recommend different training opportunities and list the ideal and minimum number of attendees needed for training to give your boss a choice about training costs and outcomes.

Work on Your Elevator Pitch

Writing an email formally requesting training is great, but you’ll also need to have a meeting with your boss to make sure your needs are well understood. Whether you’re looking for additional training for yourself or on behalf of your team, prepare your elevator pitch to ensure you’re able to communicate your reasoning effectively and succinctly.

An elevator pitch shouldn’t take too long - no more than a couple of minutes - and your boss needs to clearly understand the main benefits of training from your pitch. End it by saying something like:

“Training is the most effective way to absorb the skills I want to learn. It’ll directly benefit my work by…”

End your elevator pitch like that, listing off the benefits training will have on your work, to make sure your boss definitely remembers the great impact your training will have on the company.

Prepare for Questions

Your boss is unlikely to sign off your training request without at least a little resistance. Anticipate questions to make sure your training request is bulletproof.

Make sure you have positive answers ready for questions like:

  • Who will handle your pending tasks while you’re in training?
  • What’s in it for the company?
  • Will you resign after we approve this training?
  • Do you expect a raise after completing this certification?

Your boss might have other questions. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have to ensure your training request is approved.

Request Tech Training with React GraphQL Academy

Now that you know how to approach your boss to ask for tech training, check out our previous blog, the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn React Right Now.

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