Anyone can help in tailwind?

readthroughmyglasses profile image Pranati ・1 min read

I am facing some issues with tailwind postcss. None of the class are working.

I am working with simple html file no framework.
Installed tailwind as using npm using vscode.

Any help will be greatful!


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You can use tailwind CLI to build you tailwindcss:
npx tailwindcss build styles.css -o output.css
You can also use npx tailwindcss help build to learn more, as stated in their installation section here - and then you also have a whole repo with examples on how to setup tailwind with a bunch of different frameworks and environments from the tailwind guys and gals over here.

Hope that helps. πŸ˜€


Hey I have done the same as mentioned in installation section it is not working


There are multiple methods to installing Tailwind CSS in your Local Project Directory

  1. By using NPM (Node Package Manager)
    make a project folder
    in project folder type:
    npm install tailwindcss

  2. By using Yarn
    make a project folder
    in project folder type:
    yarn add tailwindcss

  3. Just use the CDN
    inside your directory
    make a html file
    inside html file just paste

and there we go for Tailwind
I prefer the CDN, its best and Easy to established

Pro TIP!!

just Explore this, templates!!

happy Coding...


Hey thanks I tried with npm using the documentation it is not working I don't know why, actually I want to customize some attributes in cdn that's not possible.


Here's a simple tutorial on how to set things up using parcel bundler: symonds.site/blog/getting-tailwind...


Hi, thanks I will definitely try this one but I curious to know why the post-cli method is not working for me! Many tutorials work with the same installation as shown on tailwind siteπŸ™ˆ