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Creating a course on DataOps / Data Engineering....

Hello, I am creating a course that will launch through the Linux Foundation on DataOps.

DataOps is one of those new "categories" that continues to evolve.

But if you work with Kafka, Spark, Presto, or Airflow (or any of a number of different open source technologies that are similar to those), then you're in the "data ops" field.

If you are interested in learning more about the field (meaning, you want to work as an engineer solving problems around data, data processing, analytics, data pipelines), this course is for you, and I'd love to share a preview of the outline (with some sample content).

If you are already an experienced data engineer working in the space, then I would love some of your thoughts to help me to enable even more developers in this discipline by improving the course.

As you can imagine, there are tons of paid courses out there which are already pretty beefy. This course is going to be made available for free and delivered through EdX.

As such, it is also likely to feel a little "light" compared to full-on courses taught at schools or even in online courses with tuition.

After all, it's just been me in my spare time writing the course.

Nevertheless, I think there's an opportunity for something solid out there that is free to provide an on-ramp.

So...I've created the document in Google Docs, and am enabling anyone on the Internet to add a comment.

Here is the outline

It is designed for people new to the field to understand the core concepts, provide links to key technologies and blog posts, and just be a resource to developers and, from there, learn more by interacting with the open source community.


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Daphné De Troch • Edited

Hi @realquadrant ,

I'm founder and co-organiser of the DataOps Ghent Meetup and co-founder of Tengu, a DataOps platform. With the DOG meetup, I try to make DataOps more well-known in Europe.

I got an alert of your post here, and got triggered when I read that you are creating a course that will launch through the Linux Foundation on DataOps. Although, not a data engineer myself, I'm super excited about this, so if I could be of help please let me know!

Greetz, Daphné

realquadrant profile image

Hi, thanks for your note. I just found this actually, I don’t think I got alerted on it.

But I am keen on keeping you in the loop.

The most important for me is making sure that the content is good and useful!

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Nice article on data engineering services