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Become a Front-End Developer || course review (

Hello devs! Today we're taking a behind-the-scenes look at the Become a Front-End Developer learning track on

As I've swooned in other videos & articles, Educative is one of my top platforms for software development education in 2020 and this track is no exception.

Because I freaking love this platform, I'm a proud affiliate and may get a few bucks if you sign up for something. They're currently offering a subscription discount. Use my link:

Become a Front-End Developer contains six courses, organized logically where you'll learn a helping of theoretical knowledge, plus hands-on activities with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

There are a few things that separate Educative from other platforms and one of the big ones is their coding playgrounds. You don't have to spend any time setting up your dev environment or hit your head on the wall when stuff isn't working. It's all in the browser, ready to go where you can edit/run code and see the results in real time. With illustrations, quizzes, and well-written content there's a lot to explore with this track.

The Front-End Developer learning track consists of the following 6 courses:

Web Development: A Primer
Learn Web Development from Scratch: Go Beyond the Syntax
The Complete Advanced Guide to CSS
Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real World Web App from Scratch
Intermediate JavaScript: Build Frontend Components
A Complete Guide to Launching your Website: From Local to Live

Have you taken this track or explored any other of their courses? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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