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Open Source: Community, Sustainability and Growth

As part of Hacktoberfest2021, we're hosting a special session with Joseph Jacks (aka JJ) to talk about all things open source. Appsmith's CEO Abhishek Nayak will be in conversation with JJ to cover a range of topics from sustainability to community to growth.

Joseph Jacks is the Founder and General Partner of OSS Capital and is a champion of OSS. He's a core part of CNCF, as well as the founder of KubeCon while also founding and building Kismatic, the first enterprise-focused commercial Kubernetes company.

In the discussion, Abhishek will be discussing with Joseph around what he's seeing among the best of breed open source projects, how should open source maintainers think about the sustainability of their projects, things to keep in mind as you build a community around your open source project and how to think about growth, especially in an era where there's no shortage of projects for people to go to, as well as new technologies keep coming up every day.

If you're someone involved in an open source project and thinking about its future, or someone thinking about starting or contributing to one, this is a session worth attending.

Please do register for the session. The event is Thursday 14th October (10 AM PST, 5 PM GMT, 10:30 PM IST).

We will be posting notes of the session as well as the recording here once its done.

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