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A Software Developer way to Propose

A Software Engineer way to Propose:

I'm a singleton and you are my Single instance Object. My Love for you is always Immutable. Even though there may exists few mutable variables within me, I'll clone them away for anyone asking it, so that none can change anything about you. If we have differences in opinions, lets implement an adapter between us.

I'll be the Finally block for anything you try. You should catch the unchecked exception that you'll encounter. Log it or solve it is up to you, But No matter you succeed or fail, I'll be there behind you and even if you mess it up, I'll be there to return you back to execution.

Let us not extend one from other. Whats there to live when we simply extend everything apart from their private from others? Rather lets live the life by implementing the good things as Interfaces in our life. Let's write our own definitions on how we want to live. You write yours and I write mine. But we both can be instantiated by any of the interfaces this world may call us with.

The place I gave for you in my heart is a Strong Reference. I'll hold on to you so that the GarbageCollector (Time) can never free you up from me.

You can make me a Promise and it's up to you to keep it.

But When I make you a promise you should wait to see if I honor it in the Future.

Forever your static final Variable,
Ritchie Einstein.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Woah-ho, nicely done!