How to integrate Geofencing in iOS App?

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What is a Geofence?
A Geo-fence is a feature that defines a virtual boundary around a real world geographical area. Every time the user enters or exits the boundary of a certain area, actions can be triggered in a location enabled device. Usually the user will receive a notification with certain information based on its location in real time.

The main advantage of this technology is that it creates a fusion between the virtual world and the real one. At Lateral View we make use of Geofencing in several projects, particularly in the health industry.

Geofencing notifies your app when its device enters or leaves geographical regions you set up. It lets you make cool apps that can trigger a notification whenever you leave home, or greet users with the latest and greatest deals whenever favorite shops are nearby.

In this geofencing tutorial, you’ll learn how to use region monitoring in iOS with Swift – using the Region Monitoring API from Core Location.

Applications of Geofencing in Mobile Development
Geofencing can be used several applications such as:

Marketing: a clothing store can trigger a push notification with the day’s offers and discounts when a customer is nearby.
Reminders: an app that reminds the fans of a football club the address of the gates they should go to enter the stadium while they are in the surroundings.
Arrivals and departures from a certain location: an airline can send a notification wishing the user a safe trip after the plane has taken off or a welcome message when the plane has landed.
Child Tracking: an app can send a notification telling a parent that his child has left or entered a certain area.
Security: the app can enable or disable features when entering or leaving a region.

Advantages Of Geofencing App
Customer engagement by providing real time offers, discounts and promotions.
Enhance user experience.
Send location specific notifications to users.

Disadvantages of Geofencing
Geofencing requires the approval of the user. If the user rejects or disables the location services, geofencing won’t work until enabled from the app settings.
Location tracking takes too much battery life and this is the first cause for users turning off location services in the device.
Only appropriate for wide range areas.

Get to learn more here with code :https://www.rlogical.com/blog/how-to-integrate-geofencing-in-an-ios-app/


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