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What do you think about start app using expo? Is better start app with react-native Cli?
What package do you recommend for UX?


This is a really good question, in a meeting at the moment but will definitely respond to this!


No, I would never use Expo for a serious project. I imagine what ends up happening in most projects is they reach a point where they have to ultimately eject the app (e.g. needing a native module) which sounds very painful.

The majority of the apps I've wrote have definitely reached that point, for the individual benefits expo provide (e.g. code push) I've considered trying out using just expo kit but I'd rather just uses a tool specifically for that purpose. Above all, I always like to reduce the level of magic in any application, mobile or not.

Regarding "What package do you recommend for UX", I guess it really depends what you mean. But hopefully this gives you everything you need to know:

  • For navigation I use react-native-navigation, can't recommend this enough as it adds a massive difference in fidelity vs using JavaScript based lib like react-navigation.
  • For interactive elements (drag drop, sliders, parallax etc) I use a forked version of react-native-interactable.
  • For custom vector animations e.g. button icons I use Lottie.
  • I do not use a framework for developing styles/grid layouts (e.g. glamourous), I've got my own base-layout of styles and components.

I'm very grateful for your answer, this is very helpful !! 😊

I use always expo because I'm starting programming in RN, but I think I will start starting project with react-native-cli.

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