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Head of Mobile Development

#showdevWhat I've learned creating a React / React Native performance monitor

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4 min read

#showdevAchieving a perfect 100% Google Lighthouse audit score with Next and Redux

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6 min read

Our Tools - 2019 Edition

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3 min read

Overcoming bottlenecks between design, frontend and backend developers

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Step by Step - Writing end to end tests for your web project

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Hacking our e2e tests to make them more useful

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A sensible approach to Cross platform development with React and React Native

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#amaI've released over 100 apps in React Native since 2015, Ask Me Anything!

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#showdevUsing feature flags for client demos and simulating complex scenarios

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Developing NPM modules for Web and React Native simultaneously with Webpack

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Using our continuous integration tool to continuously integrate our continuous integration tool

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#showdevBullet Train: Using feature flags and remote config in CI

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Building a pixel wall in virtual reality with React VR and RIO! Our first impressions

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We built a giant pixel wall for fun, but what we learnt went a lot further.

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It's cross platform and massively reduces app dev costs, but WTF is React Native?

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