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Practical Python Programming - Online course

Course Details:

Folks, the legendary David Beazley has released a free, online course on practical python programming! It was initially content for an in-person training, now online and free for everyone.

Course page:

About the author:

David Beazley is a very well known member of the Python community. His PyCon talks are extremely interesting and teach you a lot about the workings of Python and building some incredible stuff in 3 hours.

Some of my favorite talks:

Keynote: A Talk Near the Future of Python

Live code a web-assembly interpreter in one hour!

Python Concurrency From the Ground Up: LIVE!

A live-coding session exploring various concurrency models in Python

Keynote: Builtin Superheroes

Solve common data manipulation problems using Python's built-in types.

Lambda Calculus

Learn lambda calculus and derive the powerful Y-combinator using Python

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