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My 100 Days Of Code Challenge

I have started the 100 days of code challenge.
I intend to use this time to check out new languages and frameworks and solve some fun problems.

I will update this post with my logs.

Aug 13 2018 D0 : Algorithms for calculating number of combinations and generating them in a lexicographical increasing order.

Aug 14 2018 D1 : Working on algorithm for generating all permutations. First I managed to generate all possible r repetitions of n i.e n^r. Next, I read up and wrote code on Heap's algorithm. I am still not sure of the intuition behind the algorithm. Also, it does not generate the permutations in lexicographical increasing order.

Aug 15 2018 D2 : Learned and implemented an algorithm that generates all permutations in a lexicographical order. It is not as efficient as Heap's algorithm.

Aug 16 2018 D3 : Stumbled across the game of Set. Wrote a small python script which generates all solutions of any given game.

Aug 17 2018 D4 : Learning to use Puppeteer.js along with Google Cloud Functions. This post by @_mertsimsek was very useful in getting me started.

Aug 18 2018 D5 : Read about Gray Codes, an alternative way of ordering binary numbers in TAOCP Vol 4. Wrote a blog post exploring some of their properties and how to generate them.

Aug 19 2018 D6 : Wrote a script which calculates iterations for Conway's Game of Life

Aug 20 2018 D7 : Went through some Dynamic programming problems. Staircase problem is a good example of DP.

Aug 21 2018 D8: More recursion and DP. Towers of Hanoi and Longest unique sub-string problem.

Aug 24 2018 D9: After 2 days break due to travel, got back to C and linked lists. I am working through Stanford's Linked List problems.

Aug 25 2018 D10 Working on a Sudoku solver. Made some more progress on the linked list problems from yesterday.

Aug 26 2018 D11 My sudoku solver can solve easy sudokus from Code Wars


Aug 27 2018 D12 Reading up on back-tracking and n-queens problem.

Aug 28 2018 D13 Some fun with numpy and pandas and setting up virtualenvs.

Aug 29 2018 D14 Solved Run Length Encoding problem recursively

Aug 30 2018 D15 Data visualization using matplotlib in Python

Aug 31 2018 D16 1D Cellular Automata in Java

Sep 1 2018 D17 Solved some regex golf problems

Sep 2 2018 D18 Played around with TMDB API using Python

Sep 3 2018 D19 Some interactive graph visualizations using Gephi

Sep 4 2018 D20 Implemented Tries in Java

Sep 5 2018 D21 Codewars kata on displaying a Tic-tac-toe board in C

Sep 6 2018 D22 Dynamic programming - Coin change problem!

Sep 7 2018 D23 Data cleaning using OpenRefine

Sep 8 2018 D24 Using SQLite for importing tabular data

Sep 9 2018 D25 SQLite window functions

Sep 13 2018 D26 After 3 day break because of job interviews and travel, a simple Python problem on moving 0s to the end of list on Codewars

Sep 14 2018 D27 Full-text search using SQLite (FTS4 and FTS5 engines)

Sep 15 2018 D28 n-Queens in Python using backtracking in just 20 lines! Code here: gist

Sep 16 2018 D29 Playing around with D3.js for data visualization

Sep 17 2018 D30 Creating SVGs of various shapes in HTML. Awesome guide here

Sep 18 2018 D31 Befunge interpreter on Codewars

Sep 19 2018 D32 Learned more about JS Array.reduce

Sep 20 2018 D33 Learned more about git branching and detaching from HEAD commit

Sep 21 2018 D34 Learned to use sed effectively

Sep 22 2018 D35 [os.walk] in Python is very nifty for crawling the filesystem!

Sep 23 2018 D36 More d3.js, visualizations using choropleths for maps

Sep 24 2018 D37 Learned how OOM killer works on Linux. Wrote an article here

Have started working once again. I am putting this on hiatus till I find more time. Meanwhile, I will continue posting blog posts on my learning.

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