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Ruheni Alex
Ruheni Alex

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Drag and Drop Browser API

Over the next one and a half weeks, I will be exploring the drag and drop API, mostly because I found it cool 😜. I will also write articles on the given topics as I build a simple application to mess around with it.

File drag and drop is another cool feature I discovered on the browser recently and I intend to explore it as I learn how to use it to upload files to my Azure storage account.

If you have any ideas on simple cool ideas, feel free to 📥 me and perhaps we can learn together as we grow our programming skills 😀.

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Aren't most of the drag/drop specs not supported by most browsers, today?

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Ruheni Alex

I cannot confirm about browser support but I believe it should be supported on most major browsers.

For further research, I hope this article from MDN will help, HTML Drag and Drop API

Happy hacking!🤓👨‍💻😀

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Seanmclem • Edited on

After looking at the spec I guess support is not so bad. Only An issue for a couple small events. Partial IE support even

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