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Weekly Goals: Week of 8/4/19

Past Week Summary

I feel like last week and weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, however, I keep stressing that real life happens. That being said, I still feel great with what I got done.

It was stressful at times but I am happy that I was able to achieve some new stuff this week. Let's have a look at what I got done!

Last Week’s Goals

  • Finish doMore
  • Continue learning Figma ☑
  • Create a new resume ☑
  • Go over creating a mobile menu with my mentor ☑
    • Implement a hamburger menu on my website ☑
  • Attend my first meetup ☑
  • Continue doing 1 part of the JS 30 Challenge each day ☑
  • Write 2 blogs - Monday and Wednesday releases ☑

According to my list I only missed one item which we'll talk about in a moment. I am implementing the mobile menu into my site redesigns which we talk about after doMore.

What Happened to doMore?

doMore is my little to-do list project and I'll be returning to in the next week or so, however, I didn't feel good with how I was approaching it so I scrapped it for now. I want to tackle it in a more efficient manner so it will be coming back sooner rather than later, but in a better fashion.

So what I did instead, that I'm very happy with was creating ezToggle!

PS you should still hit the link above because there's a sweet transition you can see

ezToggle is a super simple theme changer that you can implement into a website using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This only took me a few hours to complete and takes advantage of CSS Variables so you can easily inject the colors of your choice for a dark and light theme without much of a hassle.

The project is up on my GitHub if you wish to view or use it :)

Moving Forward

I've quite a few things I'd like to do/work on this week including new portfolio site designs! I only started working on these on Saturday night but here's the (unfinished) homepage of one of the designs.

In the above version I want to display each section in 100vh - it's presenting some challenges but I'm sure I'll get it down. Whatever my next design is, I want it to just be clean and minimal (in my own sense). I currently have 3 designs I've roughly sketched out.

This Week’s Goals 8/5/19 - 8/11/19

  • 3 Blog Posts
    • One of which being my first technical blog
  • Meeting with my mentor
  • Continue working on JS 30
  • Portfolio Redesign
    • Anything I create I want to be clean, semantic, and meaningful - No extra fluff
    • Include some JS but don't rely on it
  • Continue working through my Treehouse Track
  • Bonus: Start my React course on Udemy

Another busy week but I don't see myself winding down until I get my first Web Development job. It is definitely exhausting but I am genuinely enjoying the process.

That being said, days or nights off are a good thing. I've been trying to read more which means forcing myself off the computer a little earlier than usual but in the end it's something I want to do and a goal outside of coding I have.

As usual, feel free to comment down below or you can always reach out to me on Twitter.

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