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Flutter with PHP & Laravel or NodeJS & ExpressJs

Flutter Developer
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Flutter with PHP & Laravel or NodeJS & ExpressJs Which is Better?

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Imran Abdulmalik

I use both (though on the PHP side I use Code Igniter most). Personally I think the decision is up to you but these days I'm starting to prefer the JS stack more because since I'm a fullstack developer, it allows me to use the same language both on the frontend and backend

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it depend on you which language or Framework you like most . but i suggested you to go with Laravel because easy simple and there is many packages available which is very easy to implement. In other hand NodeJS & ExpressJs is very good but if you are going to build very large project then use NodeJS & ExpressJs,In NodeJs you have to Know ES6 javascript, higher order function,closure there is many thing you know, but in PHP & Laravel you can start working basic knowledge..

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Dimitry Coulibaly

Flutter with PHP & Laravel