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Monorepos and Nx

What's a Monorepo?

A monorepo is a single repository that can have one or more projects inside of it. You can have frontend, backend and helper tools, all in the same monorepo.

You could have a customer and a backoffice applications, both living in separate folders consuming an API living in another folder and a set of interfaces that would be shared by your applications and APIs.

If you had a multi-repo, one repository would contain the customer application, another one, the backoffice, another one would have the API and another for the interfaces. Maybe all of your applications would consume the API and the interfaces through a package published on the npm or some other package manager.

Why should you use it?

If you're working in a company or a team, most certainly they will have best practices and code standards defined and if they don't, they will have them sooner or later.

Also as the company grows in people and in complexity you will have separate teams working to achieve the same or correlate goals. You could have a frontend and a backend team, both working to achieve the same goal in different repositories and this could lead to some problems in the future, like duplicated types, slow development and deliver time and so on.

A monorepo addresses some of those issues by having everything in the same repository. Some of the benefits are:

  • Maintain your company best practices in one place and apply them without much effort
  • Every best practice that you have, would be adopted by every project automatically with the help of tools like eslint and prettier
  • It's easier to share code between your projects
  • The shared code it's easier to maintain
  • Changes that you make could be reflected on every project in the same time that that they're made

Drawback of a Monorepo

Even though it's has a lot of benefits, like all things in life, it comes with some drawbacks

  • Every change to your shared code will reflect on every application that you have. So, you need to make sure that everything is still working as expected in every affected application
  • Performance issues with your VCS (version system control) as your monorepo grows in size.
  • It's hard for your team/company to give specific access permissions to specific teams, since everything is in the same repository.
  • Applying some specific rules to your monorepo could be a problem. Like getting some specific parts of it and make it open-source. That's not easy to accomplish and probably you would need some specific tools to help you with that.

Nx, a tool to help you manage your monorepo

And then comes Nx. A tool that aims to facilitate the process of managing a monorepo by providing a set of helpers and commands that the developers and the maintainers could use to organize and develop faster within a monorepo.

It's main structure consists of two folders:


It's a place to store all of your applications and their e2e tests. For example, you could have a website for your customer and one for your backoffice, and they both could consume some components created on the libs folder.


It's where you'd store every code that you want to share between your applications created on the apps folder. For example, you could have a components library inside that folder and use the components created there inside your applications without a lot of effort. You could also have an API that would be used by your apps for example.

Code example

Imagine that you have the following button inside /libs/button

export const Button = ({ onClick, children }) => {
    return <button onClick={onClick}>{children}</button>
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And then, you want to use that button inside your application that it's located in /apps/customer. It's easy as that

import { Button } from '<your-monorepo-name>/button';

export const CustomPage = () => {
    function handleClick() {}

    return (
            This could be a form
            <Button onClick={handleClick}>Submit</Button>
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Why Nx?

Nx helpers

Nx comes with pre-built generators that aims to facilitate the process of creating Applications and Libraries with React, Angular and many other frameworks. These generators can be used by with the help of commands that you run on your terminal and it will generate and add code inside your folders and update any other files that may be necessary.

And you can also create your own generators to suit your team and company needs.

Other things

  • It has a very good VsCode extension that make it easier to manage the monorepo
  • IT has a dependency graph that helps knowing which part of your application should be builded again and tested when somethings changes
  • It has a single package.json file in the root of the monorepo which aims to make all of your code use the same dependency versions
  • It caches all of your commands, like build and test ones. So, the first time that you run some command, it could take a while, but after that, it will be blazingly fast because of the cache that was made.


The choice between going with a multi-repo or monorepo is a difficult one, both of them come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. One thing that I can say to you is to balance them out with your team and organization to choose the right tool for the job.

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