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I like Discord but I wonder if, by nature, it's a good fit for - or at least the whole of

I mean I can't help but consider how different the fundamentals of is to any kind of instant messaging platform...


Yeah, for sure. It's worth thinking about. My thinking is that this community seems really positive and supportive, and it would be nice to get to know each other better. A post/comment system doesn't quite lend itself to that endeavour as nice as real-time chat does.


I think a Discord server (or a Slack server) would be awesome, this can be used for lots of different things but of course moderation will be a huge task and they would probably need to assign community members to help them.

I could see lots of different channels:

  • General chat
  • Topics, for more a specialised chat or help
  • Jobs, people looking for a job or sharing job offers
  • Dev, (maybe private) for people working on DEV project and wanting to discuss PR's and or issues, could be split between into 2 channels (public/private)

This is something I am missing here if I want to ask a DEV team member something (or support) but find it not big enough for a Github issue or a mail.

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