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Top 2 themes I shortlisted for Personal Portfolio and Blogging

When I started my website, I wanted it minimal for the time being. I didn't want to overthink and never be able to start my blog. A chose hermit which is a pretty cool theme.

By the time I started finding annoyances like:

  • no icon for Flickr: hermit uses feathericons which has no Flickr icon.
  • no dedicated portfolio section: I didn't want to dig deep into Hugo's API.
  • no back to top button

My search criteria for theme hunt were:

  • Dark Theme: Theme must be dark or should come with a switch for switching. Time-based switching doesn't work for me.
  • Portfolio Section: Although Hugo is extensible, I don't want to spend time extending the theme. I'm not a frontend ninja. 😛
  • Back to Top Button: This one is not the most important, but certainly helps in longer posts.

I was looking for themes that had both a portfolio and a blog section. My research is complete and I wanted to log my research.

My hunt started with around 45 themes tagged dark on Hugo's official theme directory.

Along the way, I found some themes with wonderful typography and design, color combinations, but they were out of my search criteria.

Here are the themes that I think are best for both portfolio as well as blogging:


Academic theme

Academic is one of the most popular and mature themes for Hugo. It's not only a theme, it's kind of a framework.

You can even browse #MadeWithAcademic on Twitter to see who is using the theme. They even got a chat room.


Zzo Homepage

Although at first sight color combination doesn't seem too great, I can modify it to my own taste. It has "back to top" button at the bottom as well.

I have decided to go with Zzo for now, let me use it and know if it has Flickr icon. 😅

If you use Hugo as a blogging engine, then what is your favorite theme? What theme do you use on your personal blog?

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