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#1 Build in public - Growex.App

Working on a side product called Growex

It is a social media automation tool
Follow growex on twitter @growexApp

I have decided to build this product in public, this means everyday I will share the update for my product
I am going this on twitter and decided to do the same here also

Worked on Admin Dashboard with 3 Important tasks

1/3 Tried typescript with vercel nextjs

Nextjs did all the work to setup typescript

use tsx for better formatting


2/3 Added .env file

When you work locally you need localhost

But on the server, you need a real API call

.env.local file for local and .env for env

Nextjs use .env.local when you run "npm run dev" and .env when you run "npm run build"

Amazing work vercel


3/3 Using tailwind ui design for user table

This is easy but fun stuff I did

Just recreated the tailwindui table, I don't have premium but if you know tailwindcss
then you can easily create them

Just a simple thing

If you have any question then twitter is open for you @Sarthak Shrivastava

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