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Top 10 Мobile UI Libraries in GitHub

There are countless lists online about open-source resources you must check out and use. Nevertheless, it always seems that they are containing the same components with only a couple odd choices, this is why our team decided to compile a few different lists and share them with you.

Today we start our mini-series of posts on the topic with a chart of 10 great open-source mobile UI components that have been used and strongly recommended by some of our SashiDo customers over the past few years.

Without further ado, here are our favorite pics:


This is an awesome controller with an elegant push-pop style view based on a nice concept from Mohamed Kerroudj. Available open-source in Swift.
Alt Text


Another beautiful Swift controller with a simple transition that has a slight parallax effect. Available open-source in Swift.

Alt Text


Awsome plugin to make working with UIColor (and NSColor) more visual. Available open-source for Xcode.

React Native Map

Some quality code from the React Native Community that will allow you to easily implement Mapview components for both iOS and Android. Check it out open-source.

Blacklight for Xcode

A very useful component that allows you to nicely highlights the current editing line. Available open-source for Xcode.

Paper Onboarding

Paper Onboarding is a material design UI slider for simple and easy onboarding of your app users. Available open-source built in Swift for iOS & in Java for Android.

Alt Text


MessengerKit is a cool drop-in UI for messenger interfaces on iOS. Centered around a single UIViewController, MessengerKit is themeable to fit your needs and includes a number of powerful features. Available open-source built in Swift for iOS.

Alt Text


SwiftCop is a validation library inspired by the clarity of Ruby On Rails Active Record. It lets you avoid writing over and over again the same code and validations for different projects. Available open-source built in Swift for iOS.

Alt Text

Invisible ReCaptcha

Add Google's Invisible ReCaptcha v2 to your project. This library automatically handles ReCaptcha's events and retrieves the validation token or notifies you to present the challenge if invisibility is not possible. Check it out open-source for iOS.

ARKit + CoreLocation

Amazing lib that combines the high accuracy of AR with the scale of GPS data. The ARKit uses camera and motion data to map out the local world as you move around. On the other hand, CoreLocation uses wifi and GPS data to determine your global location, with a low degree of accuracy. Available open-source built in Swift for iOS.

Bonus: React PWA Boilerplate

Not really a component, but something that we thought will be nice to share. Here is a repo that will get you up and running with a working sample progressive web app. It is ready to use set up, but you can always switch up things to match your taste and needs. Check it out open-source.

Have you heard or used any of the above? What are your other favorite open-source UI components?

We can’t wait to hear your experience and thoughts on the matter so we can further grow and expand the list. Please comment below and also let us know what is the next list you would like us to share with you.

Happy coding & stay safe!

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This Dot Media

Awesome lists! Greatly appreciated 🙏

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Vesi Staneva

Thank you! Which is your favorite from the list? :)