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Rpm package install problem

Hi Everyone,
I cross-compiled my own program on centos. After that packaged the output with rpmbuild. You can see the file tree in the following lines. But when I want to install it to yocto build image on the device, It gives an error like this. But is on the device. What is the problem?

root@obu:~# dnf install obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm Error: Problem: conflicting requests - nothing provides needed by obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon

metin@ubuntu:~$ rpm2cpio ./obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm | cpio -idmv ./opt/test/aa ./opt/test/aa/bin ./opt/test/aa/bin/XX.OBU ./opt/test/aa/configs ./opt/test/aa/configs/AppSettings_XXOBU.json ./opt/test/aa/configs/LogConfig_XX.OBU.json ./opt/test/aa/plugins ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/ ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/ ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/ ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/ 2366 blocks

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Metin KOC Author

Answer from reddit:

You do not have system rpm that provide

You have two options

build rpm without requires by disable rpm autoreq engine.

build libqt rpms

Another way to force install

rpm -ivh --nodeps obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm


rpm -ivh --force obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm